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Foxglove Romantics

"One Move" and "One Move-Reprise"

A parody based on the songs, "One Jump" and "My Fam'ly"

Song parody by Charles Williams

I was listening to the soundtrack to Aladdin and I couldn't help but see so many parallels to Foxy as a girl. So I ran a scenario in my mind of Foxy as just that, lonely and misunderstood, eager for companionship but opposed at almost every turn by either a predator or a close-minded human. So here are a few parodies (my first, by the way) that might illustrate what Man Child wanted to say... The first is based on the song, "One Jump" called, "One Move" (Her daily, frantic life in song):

Gotta keep
One move ahead of the hungry
One step ahead of the doors
I speak, but I always get ignored
And that's everyday! One leap ahead of the humans
That swing, their anger stoked
They went ballistic every time I spoke!

Gotta keep
One move ahead of the hungry
One step ahead of the doors
I speak, but I always get ignored
And that's everyday! One leap ahead of the humans
That swing, their anger stoked
They went ballistic every time I spoke!

Dirty! Bad bat
Go 'way! Take that!

Just a little chat, guys.

Bring her down! Hey, where's that pump, guys?

I can
take a hint, gotta watch my back
What's a little girl to do?

Oh, it's that nasty bat named Foxglove
She's a bigger nuissance all the time!
I'd blame parents, but she's gone and lost 'em

Gotta fly to eat, gotta eat to live
Tell you all about it when you're more inclined! (Sheesh)
One leap ahead of the pokers
One flit ahead of the broom
Next time, make sure noone's in the room
One swoop ahead of the kitties
One dive...under the rock
I think I'm safer in a cookoo clock!

Out, beast! Scramble! Bell, book, candle!

Let's not get too crazy!

Eww, I think that bat is mangey!

Gotta live to fly, gotta fly to live
Can't we all just get along?


(Instrumental chase scene)

One leap ahead of the mean streets (Scramble! )
One flap ahead of the hunt (Bad bat! )
One trick ahead of the famine (Go 'way! )
They stay and I keep travelin' (Take that! )
They show little understandin'
Don't care if I'm abandoned
If I can't fly, I'll run!!!

The next song is a reprise, sung when she finds a safe place to roost and thinks on what happened that day..."One move-Reprise"

Dirty, bad
I won't buy that
If only they'd listen closer
Would they see a housepest?
No, siree
They'd find out
They've found a friend in me

This song takes place in her dream. She dreams that she finally found her parents, and, like any proud child, thinks they're the best and greatest things in the world..."My Fam'ly", done to the tune of "Prince Ali"

Make way for her fam'ly
Say! It's her fam'ly!

Nay sayers scoff
But they're all ignored
It's true!
That faith is it own reward
I've lost
Track of time since last I've seen their eyes!
Of words, there is one
that shines like a sun
My F-A-M-I-L-Y! My Fam'ly's
Wonderful, see?
Cos' she my mama!
Boy, I'm blessed!
Couldn't you guess?
I've waited so very long
The road that Fate put me on
Was worth it, now that you'd finally come to me
My Fam'ly
Potent are we!
Cos' of my papa!
Strong of wing
Easily brings moths to their knees
Who'd feast on them by the score?
Those lepidopteran hordes!
And come back quick as before?
My Family!

Are they kind? They're compassion personified
They're the pride of the whole colony!

And my praise to them both's more than justified
I'm heir to the truth
They're living proof
Of Chiropteran majesty!
My fam'ly!
Jealous are thee
Of Mommy and Father!
Oh, their squeeks'never oblique
Inspiring me
Their style of flying is rare
Like royalty of the air
(I told ya, I was their heir:))
My Family

::Girl bats sing in counterpoint::
There's no question why the girl's
Her folks are never, ever boring
Everything about the two of them's impressive
As winners, no wonder!
Foxy's life has just been pain and thunder
But the Sun is out and it's refreshing!

Is it fate, is it blind luck or fortune
(She could be lucky, she could be lucky)
For this hard won seren-dipty
(Deliciously propitious)
Lord be praised! Better days! How they love you!
(Love has found a way!)
And now she'll begin to live again
In her own geneology.Fam'ly Tree

My Fam'ly?
Yes, they're with me!
Never to part!
And I think that everyone here will agree
That Fate's a flimsy diguise
It's Faith that gave me my prize

Of hugs aplenty and birthdays galore,
As they watch her sleep by her bedroom door
No more lonely wakings
Her folks are taking her
Where she's wanted to be
To stay
With her Fam'ly!!!

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